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Canaan Smith

Hey ya’ll - this is for all the country music fans.  If you don’t know him yet then take a listen and spread the word.  I’m really liking this song and (he’s adorbs) LOL 

Check out this Facebook page and help support new country talent. :)

Canaan Smith Street Team

Calling all country music fans…


if you haven’t heard of Canaan Smith yet, you are missing out! He’s unbelievably talented and is so nice. His debut single “We Got Us” came out in 2012 and he should have new music coming out this year! I’ve started a street team to help promote and support him and I need all of your help. Join the street team at

Everyone please go and join Canaan’s street team! You won’t be disappointed.

anmcpherson088 asked
Thank you for doing the new Come Wake Me Up! I appreciate it!

Any time! :)

janeausten14 asked
I'm sure someone has already asked this, but what do you use to make these? i love your blog

I generally use but that’s just me!