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I celebrated my 21st birthday down there! :) Two highlights.. Jake Owen’s performance at LP Field, and meeting Scotty McCreery

Happy belated birthday and that’s great you got to meet Scotty!  I thought Jake Owen was great too!

I was only able to go to LP Field on Friday night, but I worked at the HGTV Lodge! So much fun!

Well that was a great night to get to go, Carrie was amazing!  Aww I bet that was a lot of fun, did you get to meet a lot of the artists that were there?

Was anyone else in Nashville last week for CMA Fest?  I was and it was an absolute blast!  What was your favorite part?


Sorry that we haven’t been posting lately! Exams are rolling around and it’s a little crazy! Hope to be posting again as soon as possible. xo :*