All the lyrics to your favorite country songs.
Feel free to request your favorite songs/lyrics. By clicking on 'Tags' below, you can see all of the previous songs that we've done.

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Sorry guys,

Unfortunately the requests you have sent had been accidentally deleted :( If you have lyrics you would like to request please re send them!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

xoxo veldman13

katherine357 asked
Are y'all working on any new requests?!

Yes! Sorry lifes been a little hectic lately

niallsonmytodolist asked
What do you search to find the pictures you use?? (:

Just random things! On tumblr I have a search for ‘Country Girls’ and then if someone requests a song I try to think of something to type into google that I think could match the lyrics!

delaneyranae16 asked
Where do you find your pictures at?(:

google & tumblr!